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actFearlessly by possessing a survivor-centered platform that provides education and resources following a sexual assault. actConfidently by seeking advocacy and a secure reporting system. Empower yourself; actNOW!

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You deserve to be believed

Recent reports have shown that many students are still unaware that their campuses have resources to provide relief after an incident of sexual assault. Researchers from the Association of American Universities stated that almost 40% of college students have little to no familiarity on how to report or get help after an incident of unwanted sexual contact.

You can be heard

Through the TeleAdvocate Network, engage in a progressive journey to break the silence and converse with professionally trained advocates. Share your story with others that have endured similar experiences through the Peer-to-Peer Network of Survivors. Connect and build a community of support in a SAFESpace.


Interactive map of resources nearby

Based on your geo-location, instantly locate hospitals, on-campus support, sexual assault crisis centers, and upcoming survivor-based events.

Confidently seek justice

Have the choice to log an incident of unwanted sexual contact and opt-in to anonymously report the details to campus officials.

Raise awareness around campus

Educate incoming students through free, on-demand digital content promoting consensual intimacy and bystander intervention.

actNOW seeks to improve the social culture and aftermath of sexual assault. Please consider helping us achieve our goal to fund the development of the web application and outreach to our Founding Colleges.

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