actNOW's goal is to create social change by empowering survivors with a tangible outlet to build confidence and progress when seeking support and justice. Incoming college students will now have a chance to develop a mindset to reduce the "red zone" on college campuses.

Leadership Team

actNOW is fiscally sponsored by the Social Good Fund. Meet the team who seeks to be the leader in personal safety education through technology.

Mark A. Harris

Product Visionary

Strategic Planning | Product Vision

Mark is a visionary advocate believing social good can be achieved by leveraging technology.

Graduate Studies in Technology Management | 4+ years of Solution Delivery for various corporate and technical initiatives | Mentorship

Stacy E. Garrity

Content Expert | RN MS WHNP-BC SANE

Solution Design | Subject Matter Expert

Stacy's proficiency in clincial health will ensure best practices are upheld to support survivors of sexual assault.

20+ years of board certified clinical Nursing experience | TeleNursing Pioneer | Certified Sexual Assault Nurse (SANE)

Lee A. Reynolds

Product Expert

Marketing Strategy | Business Development

Lee believes connecting survivors to the right people can be very impactful and even save lives.

4+ years IT Professional | Consultant | Technology Enthusiast

Ciara Lee

Community Outreach

Strategic Engagement | Community Relations

Passionate advocate that strongly encourages a proactive platform rather than reactive, to provide enhanced social justice.

Contract Manager at COMPASS | Community Philanthropist

Solomon S. Scott

Technology Expert

Full Stack Development | Technical Engineering

Solomon's goal for 2016 was to be part of a social good project.

6+ years of Web Development | Graphics Design Specialist | User Experience Guru

Amanda Wyma

Project Administrator

Program Management | Data Analysis

Amanda's primary goal is to be an advocate for empowerment and to lead social and economic reform for the greater good.

Quality Assurance Professional | Award Winning Community Service Recipient | Women Empowerment Activist

Tom Rogers

Executive Advisor

Business Development | Financial Advisory