actNOW's goal is to create social change by empowering survivors with a tangible outlet to build confidence and progress when seeking support and justice. Incoming college students will now have a chance to develop a mindset to reduce the "red zone" on college campuses.

Leadership Team

Established as a public benefit corporation in the Washington, DC area, the group described below has made it their mission for actNOW to empower campuses nationwide.

Mark A. Harris


Strategic Planning | Product Vision

Mark is a visionary advocate believing social good can be achieved by leveraging technology.

Graduate Studies in Technology Management | 4+ years of Solution Delivery for various corporate and technical initiatives | Mentorship

Stacy E. Garrity


Solution Design | Subject Matter Expert

Stacy's proficiency in clincial health will ensure best practices are upheld to support survivors of sexual assault.

20+ years of board certified clinical Nursing experience | TeleNursing Pioneer | Certified Sexual Assault Nurse (SANE)

Lee A. Reynolds


Marketing Strategy | Business Development

Lee believes connecting survivors to the right people can be very impactful and even save lives.

4+ years IT Professional | Consultant | Technology Enthusiast

Ciara Lee

Community Outreach

Strategic Engagement | Community Relations

Passionate advocate that strongly encourages a proactive platform rather than reactive, to provide enhanced social justice.

Contract Management professional with a luxury tech startup. 8+ years of Real Estate relational experience advising clients and managing corporate accounts. Philanthropist.

Solomon S. Scott

Technology Expert

Full Stack Development | Technical Engineering

Solomon's goal for 2016 was to be part of a social good project.

6+ years of Web Development | Graphics Design Specialist | User Experience Guru

Amanda Wyma

Project Administrator

Program Management | Data Analysis

Amanda's primary goal is to be an advocate for empowerment and to lead social and economic reform for the greater good.

Quality Assurance Professional | Award Winning Community Service Recipient | Women Empowerment Activist

Tom Rogers

Executive Advisor

Business Development | Financial Advisory

McCree & Ndjatou,PLLC

Legal Counsel

Business Law | Incorporation Guidance